14 Quail Egg Recipes To Add More Protein To Your Diet

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Quail eggs are, well, eggs from quails and are like mini versions of chicken eggs. These eggs are oval-shaped and white to tan in color with dark brown speckles. They are considered a delicacy in various parts of the globe and work well in soups, rice bowls, stuffing, and many other culinary applications.

Curious about cooking with quail eggs? Take a look at these quail egg recipes. They range from the all-time favorite bacon-wrapped quail eggs yakitori to the breakfast staple Idaho hash brown baskets with baked quail eggs, all delicious enough to make you want to keep coming back for more!

#1. Bacon Wrapped Quail Eggs Yakitori


These bacon-wrapped quail eggs will make your first meal of the day so much more enticing! The little delights are chock full of BBQ flavor and are the perfect balance of sweet and salty. They’re easy to make with thinly sliced bacon, quail eggs, and green onions on wooden skewers, and come together in just 15 minutes!

#2. Braised Pork Ribs with Quail Eggs


This dish combines the delicious flavors of braised pork ribs with delicate quail eggs to produce a lip-smackingly good meal. It’s also nutritionally rich, so you don’t have to sacrifice your health to satisfy your tastebuds. Serve it on its own with a garnish of coriander or with rice or bread to make it more filling.

#3. Chopsuey with Quail Eggs


Chopsuey is a versatile dish that can be prepared with different ingredients. In this recipe, the star ingredient is the quail eggs. Combined with a fantastic sauce, this is a delicacy that elevates the appeal of all the other vegetables while also adding to the meal’s nutritional value. Eating healthy food has never looked so good!

#4. Deviled Quail Eggs


These deviled quail eggs have a ton of nutritional value while also being delicious. It produces bite-sized delicacies that are a mirror version of the original if only a tad bit tiny. Serve it on picnics or BBQs garnished with a sprig of dill or some caviar, and watch how it quickly becomes everyone’s favorite — pure bliss!

#5. 15-Minute Ground Pork Menudo and Quail Eggs Rice Bowl


If you’re looking for a quick-to-prepare meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor, you must have this recipe in your collection. In it, menudo is prepared with sausage meat, veggies, and quail eggs, and then served in rice bowls. Serve it garnished with sliced scallions to bring a sharper, more intense onion flavor to the dish.

#6. How to Cook Orange Quail Egg


A popular Philippino street food, kwek-kwek is chock full of flavor and strikes the perfect balance between crisp and tender. It is made by dipping quail eggs in a mixture of annatto water, cornstarch, flour, garlic powder, and seasonings, and then deep frying them till crispy and golden brown. Serve it with a spicy vinegar dip to enjoy intense flavors in every bite.

#7. Idaho Hash Brown Baskets with Baked Quail Eggs


This recipe transforms crisp, tender breakfast hash browns into a gourmet delight. Make hash brown baskets with grated potatoes, cheese, seasonings, and butter, and cook until golden brown. Top them with cracked quail eggs and pesto, and bake until the whites are cooked but make sure the yolk stays runny. Serve at Easter brunches and Thanksgiving dinners to dazzle your guests.

#8. Korean Braised Quail Eggs


This braised quail egg recipe is so addictive that you’ll want to keep making it again and again. All you have to do is marinate boiled quail eggs in a sweet and savory mixture and cook until the sauce is reduced, then let it cool and serve. Pair it with rice or porridge for a well-balanced meal. You can also store it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

#9. Pan-Fried Wonton Wrappers


This is a great recipe to use up wonton wrappers and make a crunchy, crispy snack. You just need to dip wonton wrappers in a quail egg and green onion mixture, and then fry them until golden brown. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top for extra flavor and crunch, and serve!

#10. Quail Egg Breakfast Stuffed Peppers


Stuffed peppers offer a lot of room to experiment with the filling and create wonderful combinations. In this recipe, we stuff the sweet bell peppers with a mixture of shredded potatoes, crumbled sausage, onions, seasonings, and gouda, and then top them off with cracked quail eggs. The stuffed peppers are then cooked until they are tender and the eggs are set.

#11. Scotch Quail Eggs


Perfectly tender and crunchy, this quail egg recipe calls for wrapping boiled quail eggs in a perfectly-seasoned minced meat mixture. Make sure this mixture fully coats the eggs and then roll all eggs in a flour-based panko mixture before frying them. Ready in just 20 minutes, these beautifully golden and crispy Scotch quail eggs will be the highlight of your menu!

#12. Shakshuka with Quail Eggs


This Shakshuka recipe is a sight for sore eyes. In it, quail eggs are cracked in a sauce made of onion, red pepper, and garlic along with various spices and sweet tomatoes. Cook uncovered until the eggs reach your desired consistency, then top with feta cheese and a sprinkle of parsley. Serve with toasted bread to soak up the flavorful sauce.

#13. Sipo Egg


Creamy and super delicious, this Sipo egg recipe is going to become your new favorite. The quail eggs are cooked with shrimp, ham, and veggies in a rich, creamy white sauce, creating a warming, hearty meal. Traditionally served at weddings and special occasions, this meal is also a great option for weekly family dinners.

#14. Sup Mang Ga – Chicken and Asparagus Soup


This soup is just what you need on cold, winter days. It’s a twist on the all-time-favorite Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup but uses chicken instead of crab. Since the broth is made from scratch, you can switch up the ingredients as needed. It’s simple, hearty, and incredibly flavorful.

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